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Hip-Hop и Break с водещ

Adrian Mihai

Street dancer in Crews like: New Force of Dance (choreographer instructor), Cristal Crew, Total Dance Center. Finalist in TV Shows like: Romania’s Got Talent (2’nd place) 2016 and Romania’s Dancing 2013 He worked with actors, dancers and coordinating teams for entertaining in show casts. Collaboration with Ovidius University of Constanta and Magic Star. He had dance: Street dance (Hip-hop, breakdance, locking, poping….), classical-ballet, contemporary, jazz, Michael Jackson style and more… He has played pieces like: Peter Pan (The Crocodile), Red Riding Hood (The Hunter), Home Package (Tango, dance-theatre, street dance) and more….

Модерен танц и Джаз танц с водещ

Adrian Cosmin

Adrian Bogdan Cosmin was born in Constanta, Romania in 1994. His motto is: “Life is a choreography, every detail counts”. He has been dancing modern dance for 3 years at School No. 16 in Constanta, preforming shows at celebrations, events and festivities. He has made many trips for educational purposes. He adapted contemporary, classical ballet, Michael Jackson, street dance, raggae, house, dubstep in Total Dance Center Dancer School for one year. In collaboration with Doru Octavian Dumitru (actor) he performed seaside summer shows as Costinesti, Eforie, Mamaia, Jupiter, Saturn in Shows Fantasio Theatre and at the National College of Arts Queen Mary (Promotion 2009/2013).
Some of his roles are:
Petruscka (role drinker and contemporary duet)
Shows Fantasio Theatre: History of a soldier (part drinker acrobatics, waltz together with Brinzea Luiza (soloist at the National Theatre of Constanta), ballet Raymonda, adapted as contemporary lead role (Prince), The Firebird - contemporary form (The Monster).
Role negative main character ‘’Raven’’ ballet The Blue Girl music Adrian Doxan sustained in Sergiu Celibadache Hall Constanta. He danced jazz, polka, gypsy, contemporary within Cluj with project named "Young Artist looking scene" show in auditorium located in the school of arts Octavian Stroia. He has taken part in the workshops with Ms.Oana Pop and Mr. Adrian Muresan and he has taken the final grade from the teachers on this project with 9.94 points. He was a special Guest in Mangalia Festival 2012 as jury with Ileana Iliescu, president of the Jury pannel, Rodica Murgu - first ballerina, Ph.D. Professor Sergiu Anghel - first - dancer of the Opera in Timisoara, Elijah Philip Marc Corina - first Dancer at the Opera in Sibiu and Cluj Michael Mandrutiu.
Adrian got the award for the best moves – choreography by Ravdan Geta in the 7th edition of The Theatre Festival in Alexandria, and award for best art direction and best costume design.
He participated in workshops with Paul Barsan, Cotofana Carmen (UNATC) Lorette Enache (UNATC) with co -directors Alexandru Ion, and Bortun Andreea jury of Medea Marinescu, Catalin Stefanescu, Vlad Zamfirescu, Marius Manole, Andy Vasluianu and Mr. Marcel Iures - festival director.
He was a dancer at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre "Oleg Danovsky" in “Aida”, "Don Quixote" (Seguidilla), “Cinderella” (Greek dancing pas de deux with Kanoko Suzuki). In this institution he worked with the choreographers Michael Babuska, Monica Chereches, Horatiu Chereches, Elisabeth Pandichi Lux, Michael Motovilov, Hantiu Calin.
- County Olympics since 2011/2012 qualification to the national with first place.
- National Olympiad year 2011/2012 - 1st place (Mrs. Carmen Chilea choreography)
- Competition Dance Star (ESDU) - 1st and 2nd place at the same section and nominated for best male talent Romania 2013
. - Audition Dance Romania 2013 county qualifying to Bucharest and then, qualification for the semi-finals jury by Monica Petrica, Mihai Bedeac and Eduard Andrei (CRBL), then qualification to the finals, finished among the last three finalists.
- Classification by the National Olympiad 2013 with 10 per county to county Olympics, jury by Carmen Chilea, Mandrutiu Mihai Calin Hantiu, Seceleanu Lisa Ilinca, Valentina Xenis, Roxana Oprea, Silvia Mitroi Camelia Radu, Delia Boeru, Spirescu Eva, Amalia Mandrutiu.
- 1st National Ballet Olympiad 2013 contemporary dance section, held in Iasi - jury: Simona Noja (Vienna Opera Ballet Director), Ms. Liliana Iorgulescu Lecturer (Director of the National Opera Bucharest), Alin Gheorghiu (Director of the National Opera "Oleg Danovski Constanta), Elisabeth Pandichi (Lux and the director of the Opera from Cluj Vasile Solomon).
- Youth American Grand Prix 2014 held at the Brussels European Phase - 1st place at contemporary section dance qualification to New York, including the duet performed by duet section with Diana Ionescu Georgia, located in the top 12 best European contemporary dance schools representing National College of Arts ''Queen Maria ''.
- 1st Place Contemporary - Senior Dance Star/Romania 2014
- 1’st Place Jazz - Senior Dance Star/Romania 2014
- Qualification to Porec - Croatia to the Finals 2014
- Special Award from European Dance Union “Best Male Talent” 2014 Romania.